The Power of Online Meetings

RCCPII Collaborates Internationally to Create Awareness of Online Meetings

Throughout the time that RCCPII ran, we realised that a very large percentage of researchers, students, and support staff at South African Universities, is not using online meeting platforms regularly. We want to change that and help our colleagues grow the capacity to meet with anyone, from anywhere to learn, collaborate, teach and more.

Technology and connectivity have made it easier to meet online. Despite this, many students and academics are still not sharing in the benefits that video platforms bring in terms of meetings, learning, teaching, and collaborations.

RCCPII, TENET, GÉANT and UbuntuNet Alliance are collaborating to develop a short video clip featuring students and academics who have gained from using video conferencing tools to further their work or studies.

We want to hear from you. Submit a short video clip (1 – 5 minutes) or a few sentences about how video conferencing has impacted your work or studies. We will combine these resources and share it with the broader community to help create awareness.

All submissions will be credited to the original authors. Anonymous submissions will also be accepted. Materials will be made available under the Creative Commons license (CC – BY) to facilitate sharing and reuse.

Please submit your video clip and/or paragraph via the online form before 17 April 2019.

For inquiries, please contact us at Please share this request with colleagues who may want to share their story about using video conferencing/online meetings in academia.

Great tips on creating good video clips are available from GÉANT.

Looking forward to hearing from you.