eConversations Series

In 2017 the North-West University started running regular virtual conversation opportunities where topics relevant to today's teaching and learning and research environments were discussed with experts from all over the world. As part of RCCP II we would like to open these conversations up to all South African institutions.

What is the eConversation Series?

eConversations are regularly scheduled events which offer lecturers, researchers, students, and support staff (or enablers) the opportunity to learn more about various topics related to the changing landscape of research and teaching and learning.

The sessions cuts across disciplines, career stages, and job titles. Typically sessions last for up to 90 minutes and are hosted on a virtual platform such as Vidyo. Participants only need internet connection and a device for connecting to the virtual meeting.

What is in stock for eConversations 2018?

This year we plan to offer at least one session per month on a fixed day and time slot to make it easier for the community to join. The sessions will focus on:

  • Tools: This may include software, hardware, repositories, and more. Think R, Python, High Performance Computing Platforms, research equipment, ORCID…
  • Concepts: There are loads of new concepts applicable to research and teaching and learning and we’ll aim to invite speakers with experience in these various concepts to share their knowledge and stimulate discussion. Concepts may include “reproducible research”, “blended learning”, “open science”, “research software engineers”…
  • Events: Many new events that are relevant to folks from all disciplines, have seen the light and is accessible to academics in South Africa. We will invite people who are running such events, as well as those who have (or will be) participated in generally applicable events to share their experiences, recommenda

There will also be sessions dedicated to IT staff at universities and sessions addressing topics that are applicable to most people working or studying at an academic/research institution in South Africa.

See also our calendar of events for more opportunities to connect.

Let us know what you want to talk about!

We would be delighted to hear your ideas about topics and potential speakers for the conversation sessions. Please get in touch via our contact form.