Data & Code

Data and code generated through the RCCPII capacity development initiative were de-identified and made available for re-use under open licenses.


Beneficiaries and Activities

All data captured during the RCCPII capacity development initiative were cleaned up, de-identified, and published under an open licence (Creative Commons - CC BY 4.0) to facilitate re-use and further analysis.

The data is available for download in the Figshare repository.

Further information about data collection and various data elements are available in the README files contained in the Figshare data folder. Please refer to the README files to ensure the data is understood within the context of the RCCPII capaicity development initiative.


Tweets that contained the hashtag #RCCPII were obtained from Tweet Binder. The historical report were drawn for the dates 2016-01-01 until 2019-04-02. The first RCCPII capacity development event was run in 2016 and was a Data Carpentry workshop at the University of Venda - activities before January 2018 falls outside of the scope of reporting but since the Twitter report was paid for we decided to maximise return on investment and cover earlier dates as well.

The Twitter data is available as Comma Seperated Files in this Figshare repository. Tweets are available under the CC BY 4.0 license as well.


Visualisation - Shiny App

The code for the R Shiny app that was developed for this project to assist with data visualisation and inquiry is published under an open license and is available for re-use.

Please visit the Github repository.


This website was developed in Github with Github Pages. The underlying files are visible in the Github repository. The website is also published under open licenses.