eConversations: General Series

The worlds of teaching and learning, and research are changing rapidly. Mostly due to advances in technology, connnectedness and the shear amount of information that is available at the tip of ones fingers today. In the General eConversations Series, we will attempt to provide conversation opportunities about topics that is relevant to academics and support staff at a 21st century academic institution.

These sessions are open to anyone working at or with a higher education or research institution in South Africa. That includes support staff from any department, researchers, lecturers, management, and students.

Past Sessions

23 March 2018Virtual Platforms for Research and Collaborationlinkslides recording
20 April 2018Joining the South African R-Communitylinkslidesnotes 
25 May 2018Social Media for Research and Education - Sourcing and Sharing Information.linkslidesnotesrecording
27 July 2018Altmetrics: Tracking the Online Attention and Broadening the Reach of Your Research.linkslidesnotesrecording
12 February 2019Using blended learning tools and videos in university teachinglinkslidesnotesrecording
1 March 2019Bridging the gap: Linking tools and services to the end-userslink notesrecording
12 March 2019Open Educational Resources for higher education in South Africalinkslidesnotesrecording